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With Origins, your family history is no longer a thing of the past. Trust our experts to map out your pedigree, find missing relatives and discover your ancestors’ stories. You’ll soon see why Origins Genealogy is the preferred professional genealogy company for folks who need help with ancestry research.

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A Professional Genealogy Service

Our researchers around the globe are ready to help you discover your personal origins and learn your family stories. Whether you are interested in tracing your pedigree, gathering family stories, or using DNA to learn about your birth parents, you’ve come to the right place. We’re a full-service genealogy firm which uses the genealogy proof standard. We carefully screen, select and train genealogy professionals to know how to find your family story.

Based near the world’s largest family history library, we have access to millions of microfilmed church and government records from locations in over 110 countries. We have feet on the ground in many countries and researchers who care deeply about your experience. Our highest goal is to help you love your family heritage. We look for stories of resilience, excellence and courage you’ll want to pass on to your children and grandchildren. Our experienced genealogists are ready to start working on what matters most to you.

We offer free consultations and will help you understand every option available in answering your unique family questions.

A researcher finds his ancestors with the help of Origins Genealogy, a professional genealogy company
Our fast-growing genealogy research firm will never be too busy to provide the personal attention your family’s story deserves.

The Origins Genealogy Difference

Combining our passion for genealogy, attention to detail and decades of research experience with the latest in DNA technology, Origins brings you unparalleled results in connecting you with your family stories.

A Genealogy Company Unlike Any Other

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Origins Travel Tours

Personalized Ancestral Tours

Origins researchers and our travel agent will provide custom and personalized travel ideas for one ancestral hometown. Let us help you visit such places as homes, churches, and other significant areas of your ancestors.

Imagine walking where your ancestors walked, touching the walls of homes where they lived, visiting buildings they built, or standing in places they were married. Fill out the form to let us know where you would like to visit.

Heritage Tours

Travel to your ancestors’ homeland with a heritage tour.  Prearranged itineraries make your trip relaxing so you can focus on learning more about your origins. We’ve done the work to make this a trip of a lifetime. Take your family for an unforgettable journey back in time to get an appreciation of what life was like for your ancestors. We offer travel to just about any place you can imagine. Click on the area you would like to go and learn more about must-see places and tour schedules.