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We Bring Your Family History to Life

Origins Genealogy is all about family: your family. We specialize in connecting people with their origins, both ancestors from the past, and reuniting adoptees with birth parents. We answer the deepest identity questions: who am I, who are my people, and where do I come from? What are the influences from my past that make me who I am today?

Using the most advanced DNA technology, combined with the extensive family history data available to us from our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, we work together as a team of researchers throughout the world to accomplish the work of bringing your family’s history to life. It’s the love of helping people discover their unique heritage and family stories that drives our passion for excellence in all we do. We get the answers to the deepest questions about your family’s origins.

Collectively, we have decades of experience in DNA analysis and family history research in countries all around the world. Our core competence includes DNA analysis and research in the areas of adoption and biological family lines, immigration, pre-1850s records, citizenship and international records. We successfully “break through” brick walls to discover additional, deeper roots of family trees.

Origins has many genealogy packages to suit your desires and budget. Whether your goal is to find a birth parent or child, or put names and origins to your ancestors, we can help. Origins is a fast-growing professional genealogy provider, but we will never be too big to give each client the personal attention they deserve. With Origins, your family history is no longer a thing of the past.

The Family History Library helps in our research.
The Family History Library is an asset in our research.
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We utilize a variety of technologies to uncover the past.

Origins Genealogy Mission Statement

Origins strives to enrich the quality of the lives of those we serve by connecting them with their past through uniting adoptees with birth parents, discovering family history, and providing heritage travel tours.

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