About Us

We Bring Your Family History to Life

Origins Genealogy is all about family: your family. We specialize in connecting people with their origins, both ancestors from the past, and reuniting adoptees with birth parents. We answer the deepest identity questions: who am I, who are my people, and where do I come from? What are the influences from my past that make me who I am today?

Using the most advanced DNA technology, combined with the extensive family history data available to us from our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, we work together as a team of researchers throughout the world to accomplish the work of bringing your family’s history to life.

It’s the love of helping people discover their unique heritage and family stories that drives our passion for excellence in all we do. We get the answers to the deepest questions about your family’s origins.

Collectively, we have decades of experience in DNA analysis and family history research in countries all around the world.

Our core competence includes DNA analysis and research in the areas of adoption and biological family lines, immigration, pre-1850s records, citizenship and international records.

We successfully “break through” brick walls to discover additional, deeper roots of family trees.

“Traditional” genealogy

Origins Genealogy offers help to individuals looking to trace their family tree. With access to billions of archival records, our professional genealogical researchers can break through to pick up the trail where it’s gone cold. From Irish genealogy to Italian genealogy, we are experts in dozens of nationalities.

With experienced researchers on the ground in countries around the world, Origins can even conduct archival research in your ancestral homeland…or arrange a heritage tour!

Whatever you have German, Polish, Argentinian, or Irish lineage, Origins will accelerate and empower your ancestry research. If you’re at the limit of what you can do, genealogically-speaking, with genealogy websites and other resources, it might be time to bring in the pros.

Genetic genealogy

If you’re trying to find a living biological family member such as a birth mother, adopted sibling, or missing heir, Origins can help. We use genealogical DNA testing combined with database research to find your relatives.

To date, Origins has a 100% success rate with our genetic genealogy services and offers a money-back guarantee for finding birth parents.

Origins has many genealogy packages to suit your desires and budget. Whether your goal is to find a birth parent or child, or put names and origins to your ancestors, we can help.

Origins is a fast-growing professional genealogy provider, but we will never be too big to give each client the personal attention they deserve. With Origins Genealogy, your family history is no longer a thing of the past.

So, whether you’re trying to find your dad, or discover where your ancestors originally hailed from, let Origins help!

The Family History Library helps in our research.
The Family History Library is an asset in our research.
microfilm history
We utilize a variety of technologies to uncover the past.

Origins Genealogy Mission Statement

Origins strives to enrich the quality of the lives of those we serve by connecting them with their past through uniting adoptees with birth parents, discovering family history, and providing heritage travel tours.

Meet the Founders

Director of Operations

Jenny Wallentine, President

Jenny Wallentine was born in Salt Lake City where she was adopted by a wonderful mom and dad. She grew up with two brothers, both also adopted. Jenny loved sports from the time she could walk.

She grew up playing football with the boys of the NFL (Neighborhood Football League). She went on to excel in basketball, track, softball, and volleyball and become her high school’s athlete of the year. 

Jenny received many scholarship offers from major universities and intended to go on to compete in sports at a collegiate level.

However, at the end of her senior year of high school, her mom was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away the week of Jenny’s graduation ceremonies. Jenny opted to forgo a sports scholarship and instead took an academic scholarship at the University of Utah so she could live at home and help raise her 14-year-old brother.

Jenny studied genetic engineering and molecular biology. As DNA technology advanced, she developed a strong interest in using it and her background in genetics to help others find their birth parents.

In 1998, Jenny found her birth mom, Peggy, and formed a strong relationship with her until Peggy’s death in 2016

With the passing of her birth mom in 2016, she decided to do her own research. It started with a DNA kit. Then, in 2018, she worked with Barbara Pace to use the latest in DNA technology to discover her birth father in just one day!

Jenny and her birth dad developed a close bond, and Jenny discovered the source of her love of sports: he loved sports, too, and played many sports including college football and was signed by the Houston Oilers.

Jenny enjoyed working with Barbara Pace to find her birth dad and decided to enlist Barbara to join her in forming Origins International (Origins), a genealogy company specializing in helping unite adoptees with their birth families.

To date, the two have worked together to help unite many with their birth families. Origins also provides full-service genealogy research to clients around the world wanting to know more about their family history.

Jenny is married to Dave Wallentine. She is also a mom and grandma to three beautiful girls and one adorable granddaughter. (Don’t get her started on that subject…!) Jenny and Dave (and their three pomeranians) split their time between their home in Heber City, Utah and their cabin in Oakley, Utah.

Jenny loves to travel but always enjoys coming home to Utah’s outdoors and considers it the best playground ever. She enjoys skiing, riding snowmobiles, hiking, riding motorcycles and mountain bikes, and just being outside.

Barbara Pace, Director of Operations

Barbara Pace majored in Political Science at the University of Utah. Growing up, she loved to learn, and won awards in math competitions. She has always enjoyed analytical pursuits, history and reading mysteries, which is perhaps the reason genealogy was so appealing to her when she first began studying traditional genealogy methods and working on her own family lines in her thirties.

After studying genetic genealogy at Utah Valley University, Barbara began using DNA results to help adoptees identify and locate their birth parents.

As a professional genealogist for over 15 years, Barbara has helped families trace their roots through Finland, Mexico, Australia, Poland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Canada, England, France, Denmark, Norway, Israel, the Netherlands, Panama and several other countries.

In addition to birth parents, she has helped clients locate adopted siblings, missing heirs, estranged relatives and long-lost high school and college friends.

Living near the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is the largest collection of genealogical records in the world and housing millions of records on microfilm from over 110 countries, has been a wonderful asset.

Barbara enjoys getting photos from clients of their holidays and vacations with birth parents or half siblings. It’s extremely fulfilling for her to break through dead ends and help clients get answers to their questions.

Dave Wallentine, CFO

Dave Wallentine was born in Paris, Idaho and raised in Logan, Utah. After the untimely death of his father at age 26, Dave (then 3) and his brother (then 2) were raised by their mother who completed her college education and worked hard to provide a good living for her family.

Dave attended Utah State University, graduating with honors in Accounting. Dave has an extensive background in accounting and as an entrepreneur for over 25 years.

Together with his wife (and business partner), Jenny Wallentine, they have renovated many homes in the east Salt Lake City market.

Dave and Jenny also own and manage an online display advertising business. The seed for Origins was planted when Dave purchased an AncestryDNA kit for Jenny to help her find her birth father. This led to a collaborative effort with Barbara Pace which culminated in the formation of Origins.

Dave and Jenny were married in 2013 and love doing everything together which (besides work) includes hobbies such as skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, riding motorcycles, and exploring new areas together.