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How to find birth parents with little information

How to Find Your Birth Parents With Little or No Information

Are you interested in finding your birth family but have no idea where to start? Jenny Wallentine, Origins Genealogy’s co-founder, has been in your shoes. This is a quick guide on how to find your birth parents with little information from someone who has done it for herself twice and hundreds of times for her clients.

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Pros and Cons of Meeting Birth Parents: Know Before You Search

So, you want to find your birth mom, dad, or siblings Our co-founder, Jenny Wallentine, knows a thing or two about the emotions that come with locating your biological family, having met both her mother and father as an adult adoptee. If you’re interested in doing the same but are scared to take the first step, we’re here to help you.

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Making First Contact with Your Birth Parents​

Making First Contact with Your Birth Parents

So you’ve finally found your biological father, your birth mother, a biological sibling, or other close genetic family member. Now, you’re trying to figure out the best way to contact them. Each first contact method has its pros and cons. Let’s go over them together.

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Unexpected DNA match - Origins Genealogy

What Should I Call My Birth Mother?

You’ve located your birth mom but you haven’t made contact yet. You’re wondering what you should call her. Mom? Mother? Her first name? This article explores how to think about this delicate issue.

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Does My Birth Mother Want Me to Find Her - Origins Genealogy

Does My Birth Mother Want Me to Find Her?

If you’re the product of a closed adoption, you’ve thought about finding your birth mom. And you’ve wondered whether she’d welcome the attempt or rebuff you. Every adult adoptee (from a closed adoption) ponders the question, imagining what the reunion will be like.

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