Chile’s capital is one of the most metropolitan cities in all of South America. Despite the skyscrapers and modern amenities, Santiago is definitely not lacking in culture. Its close proximity to the Andes Mountains provides a spectacular range of opportunities and adventures for visitors!


Rising up from the shadow of the Andes, Chile’s cosmopolitan capital is as dynamic and cultural as any capital you’ll find in South America. Founded by Spanish conquistadors in 1541, the city of nearly 7 million is boasts interesting neighborhoods, cutting edge museums, and world-class dinging. While you’re in the city, don’t miss trying Asado a la parilla, Santiago’s signature dish that is like an Andes mountain of grilled beef.

Cerro San Cristóbal

Cerro San Cristobal is a man-made park in the Bella Vista area. Also called St. Christopher Hill, it’s the largest green space in the city. Visit the national zoo, botanical garden, and two swimming pools while here! A funicular ride to the top will not only give you access to these attractions, but will offer spectacular city views!

Cerro Santa Lucía

The city was founded here in 1541, with Cerro Santa Lucía originally serving as a lookout. Today, it is known for its stunning panoramic views and serene setting. Visitors can trek to the top on foot or via an elevator located just a couple blocks from the park’s main entrance. Take the staircase to the Caupolicán Plaza for the best views! Plan to spend at least a few hours wandering around and soaking up the ambiance.

Plaza de Armas

Situated in the heart of the city center is the Plaza de Armas, or Main Square. Here, you’ll find Santiago City Hall, court houses, National History Museum, and more! Metropolitan Cathedral is also located here, with origins dating back to the 1500s. The structure that stands today was built in the 1700s after a fire and earthquakes destroyed the original and replacement structures. In addition, there are plenty of restaurants and shops here for you to get a true taste of authentic Chilean culture!

Palacio de La Moneda

Located just off of the Plaza de Armas is the Palacio de La Moneda, or Government Palace. This building serves as the seat of the President of the Republic of Chile! There are additional government offices inside as well. The rich history of this building makes it a prime attraction. Visitors can tour the building to learn more about its history and to visit the cultural center that the government has created! There is also a changing-of-the-guard ceremony that happens here every other day.

Vitacura neighborhood & Alonso de Cordoba

If you enjoy upscale shopping, the Vitacura neighborhood is for you! Many high income families call this area home. Within the Vitacura is the Alonso de Cordoba area, which offers tourists many art galleries, more shopping, and Bicentennial Park! This park is another great area to visit to chat with locals. Maybe they’ll recommend their favorite restaurant or shop and it’ll lead to the most memorable part of your trip!

Torres del Paine National Park

Patagonia is often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Chile, and there is no better place to discover the beauty of this region than Torres del Paine. Flanked by the Andes mountains, this national park is the creme de la creme for adventure and nature lovers, and one is one of the finest national parks in South America.


This vibrant seaside town once known as the “Jewel of the Pacific” is a colorful city filled with late 19th century architecture, clifftop homes, and steep funiculars. With its distinct European flavor, Valparaiso is quickly becoming one of the top destinations in Chile. The famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda called the city “a wonderful mess.”

Easter Island

1,300 miles away from the nearest inhabitated island, you can’t get more off the beaten path than Easter Island. The remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is most famous for its 887 states called moai built by the Rapa Nui people around 300-400 A.D. Aside from this UNESCO site, the island has enormous volcanic craters, beaches, diving, and stone villages.

Heritage Tour

Journey to Patagonia

From the capital of Santiago, travel to Chilean Patagonia and experience this breathtaking region in all of its wonders.









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