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Discover China with Origins Genealogy

Whether you’re performing Chinese genealogy, want to visit the homeland of your ancestors, or are merely curious about China and all its wonders, this tour will hit all the right places.


With exciting discoveries around every corner, China’s must see cities boast sights that highlight the country’s ancient history, rich culture, and promising future. Experience Beijing’s captivating mix of old and new from the seat of a wooden rickshaw.

The Great Wall of China dates to approximately 220 BC and is the longest man-made structure in the world.

Visit Tiananmen Square, one of the world s largest public squares. Enjoy The Forbidden City and walk in the steps of emperors: The Forbidden City was completed in 1420, and was home to 24 emperors.


Explore ancient tombs and iconic pagodas in Xian. The Terracotta Warriors, one of the most amazing sites in the world. Uncovered in 1974 by peasants digging a well, the Terracotta Warriors are Xian’s greatest and most important attraction. The first emperor of the Qin Dynast, Qin Shi Huangdi, ordered the making of the warriors.

During his reign, he undertook military programs to the far corners of the known world. The estimated 8,000 terracotta soldiers are a testament to his power and megalomania. In the main and most impressive vault, the figures are arranged in typical battle formation in 11 columns comprised of officers, soldiers holding spears and swords and others steering horse-drawn chariots.


Sailing through stunning gorges before transferring to Guilin is where you will delight in spectacular limestone karst scenery.


Discover China’s must-see cities by High Speed Trains with an endless number of cultural, religious, and natural experiences to offer. From the bright lights and futuristic skyline in Shanghai.

Take in the most amazing view of your life from Shanghai`s world-famous Bund. The Bund is the famous waterfront regarded for hundreds of years as the symbol of Shanghai. Jade Buddha Temple. This is one of Shanghai`s few Buddhist temples, and was built between 1911 and 1918. It houses 70 resident monks.


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