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With advances in DNA technology, finding a birth parent is easier than ever. Origins has a perfect track record of finding the birth parents we’ve searched for. Using genetic genealogy, we know how to analyze your DNA results to find the answers you’re looking for. Don’t wait any longer!
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My father was adopted in a closed adoption in the 1930s. He died of cancer in 1982 and I wanted to know if we had any family history of the disease for my own kids' sake. I'd been dabbling with obtaining birth records, searching microfiche in a library, and making calls, but after 10 years got hardly anywhere. In ONE DAY origins found I had an aunt alive. Origins said the conversation went something like this, "Did you ever believe you might have a brother you didn't know about?" Silence. Response: "I always knew. My mom slipped one night and mentioned it, but when I asked her the next day she wouldn't say anything. But I always knew...." Within a day I was talking with an aunt I never knew existed! Peace of mind came when I learned there was not a family history of cancer. And I had a new aunt and uncle we were able to visit within the year! Origins made my family more complete and brought me peace of mind. I recommend them WHOLEHEARTEDLY!
Origins was amazing to work with! After my initial consultation, the team starting working to find my late husband’s biological father. I only could provide them with a name, a past occupation and an age range. When they were able to locate them, it was such an amazing experience and connecting with the father and family was incredible. Origins staff were quick to work and check in with me often with updates. I appreciated the research report with their findings and also a presentation they had included to help us get to know the father and family before our initial call with them. I’d highly recommend Origins as they are very personally invested in helping families connect!

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© 2020 Origins. All Rights Reserved.

© 2020 Origins. All Rights Reserved.

Liaison For Adoptee and Birth Family

As an adoptee, it is not always easy to reach out to your birth parent. It can be quite a shock for those receiving the call. After Origins has identified who the birth parents/family are, we can make the initial contact for you. As a neutral party, we can smooth the way for the first contact by crafting introduction letters, gathering photos to send, providing the research, and answering questions to assure the information is accurate. This provides a comfortable and safe environment for all parties that generally leads to a much smoother transition to getting to know each other.

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There’s no place like home. Now that you know your heritage, why not go home for a visit. Origins offers both personalized ancestral tours for those who want a more custom trip and heritage tours for those who enjoy a planned itinerary.