How I Found My Birth Father

For 19 years, Patrick, an adoptee, looked for his birth parents. Frustrated with the high prices of companies that promised nothing, and trying many services—including genealogy websites and private detectives—but getting nowhere, Patrick gave up. A few years later he discovered Origins and gave it one more shot. 

It worked! With help from Origins Genealogy, Patrick found his birth father. (Unfortunately, Patrick’s birth mom passed away in 2009.) Origins was different from the rest. They made the process fast and smooth.

If you are looking for a birth parent or a birth sibling, call Origins today. The free consultation makes it easy. 801.500.0900. Watch the story of how Patrick’s birth father and family welcomed him into their lives. Warning, grab a Kleenex!

If you are seeking to find biological parents, contact Origins today to begin your journey! We can also help with researching your family tree and learning about your ancestors!

Origins Genealogy is a leading genetic genealogy provider based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and serving customers around the world.

Liaison For Adoptee and Birth Family

As an adoptee, it is not always easy to reach out to your birth parent. It can be quite a shock for those receiving the call. After Origins has identified who the birth parents/family are, we can make the initial contact for you. As a neutral party, we can smooth the way for the first contact by crafting introduction letters, gathering photos to send, providing the research, and answering questions to assure the information is accurate. This provides a comfortable and safe environment for all parties that generally leads to a much smoother transition to getting to know each other.

Origins Travel Tour

There’s no place like home. Now that you know your heritage, why not go home for a visit. Origins offers both personalized ancestral tours for those who want a more custom trip and heritage tours for those who enjoy a planned itinerary.