South Africa

You’re going to Cape Town?! Ugh, we are so jealous. Get ready for majestic mountainscapes, sparkling seas, colorful streets, and spirited culture. Not only does this unique destination boast laid-back beach vibes and jaw-dropping views, it’s filled with hip, foodie-filled neighborhoods of local markets and world-renowned restaurants.

If you’re flying all the way to the southern tip of Africa, you want to make sure you see everything while you’re there. Of course, you can never see “everything” in one trip, but we’ve put together an expert list of the absolute must-see and -dos, so you don’t miss any of the good stuff. Check off these sites and watch the trip of your dreams turn into a dream come true!


Formerly known as the Malay Quarter, this former township nestled on the slopes of Signal Hill is now bursting with vibrant culture and bright colors. Wander through the colorful playground of eye-popping homes, and learn about the once difficult, but now celebratory, culture of the area. If you’d like to learn more while you’re there, visit the Bo-Kaap Museum on Wale St!

Tip: this is definitely an Instagram-worthy spot, so bring your “good” camera and wear your favorite outfit.

Street art

Head to the Observatory neighborhood and the suburb of Woodstock for amazing street art that’s packed with color, detail, and powerful meaning. Free tours are offered in Woodstock and can be found online or on the streets!

Greenmarket Square

Just a short walk from the V&A Waterfront, this bustling square is one of South Africa’s oldest. Originally a slave market, this vibrant plaza is now home to local vendors selling all sorts of handmade trinkets. This is the perfect place to buy some unique souvenirs, but it’s also a great spot to wander around and enjoy the culture of Cape Town! On top of taking in the colors and beauty of the crafts, street musicians and dancers always use Greenmarket as their stage, so you will always be entertained.

Go on a diamond tour

Okay, so obviously diamonds are not free. In fact, they are the opposite of free – they are very, very expensive. But, you know what is free? Looking at them! Have fun on a fascinating tour of the Shimansky Diamond factory, which is offered free of charge. You can find Shimansky at the Clock Tower at the V&A Waterfront.

Hike up Lion’s Head

Even if you don’t love hiking, you must check out Lion’s Head. As a matter of fact, hiking up Lion’s Head may wind up being your favorite memory of Cape Town! This hike starts out easy (a gradual dirt incline) and increases to a moderate level (climbing up stone steps and ladders). Even if you just make it through the “easy” part, you will still see views better than anywhere else in the city.

Now, if you’re really daring, go on a Full Moon Hike! During the week of full moon, locals and tourists hike up Lion’s Head with torches and flashlights. South African night skies are some of the most amazing in the world, so it is, without a doubt, a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.

Tip: Our favorite time to go is a few hours before sunset, so you can hike up during daylight and hike down while the sun begins to set. Seeing the Twelve Apostles in different daylights is a truly unique experience.

Travel to Safari in South Africa and see the “Big Five.” Elephants, Lions, Buffalo, Leopards, and Rhino’s await the avid photographer and safari enthusiasts. The Big Five originated not because these majestic creatures are the biggest yet because they are the most intelligent and proved to be the hardest in Africa to hunt on foot.

Safari, South Africa

South Africa offers many safari experiences to see the the Big Five: Elephants, Lions, Buffalo, Leopards, and Rhinoceros. Sit back and relax while experienced game park operators drive you to see these wonderful wild animals. The local guides are incredibly knowledgeable about animals hunting patterns, their habitats, diets and interesting facts. Be sure to ask lots of questions and learn about the amazing wildlife on Safari.

Giraffes in Kruger Park

One take away from your travels on Safari is that you will most definitely have a favorite animal. As you enjoy outdoor meals freshly prepared and gaze at the incredible stars under the African night sky, conversations will turn to why you love a particular animal. Being so close to these amazing creatures in their natural habitat makes you feel a sense of connectivity to nature, animals, and the planet we share.

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