The Andalusia region of Spain is like no other, and is defined by its diverse rulers throughout the years. Unpeel the historical layers – from Roman to Moorish to Christian – as you make your way from plaza to plaza and square to square. If there’s one place you absolutely must visit in Andalusia, it’s the region’s capital of Seville, which is known for its lush orange trees and charming streets sprinkled with architectural wonders. Seville is also the rumored birthplace of flamenco, and guests can join the action at one of city’s many flamenco social clubs.


Located in the northeast of Spain, this landlocked region is close to the French border and offers the breathtaking natural beauty of the Aragonese Pyrenees. There, you can find Romanesque churches, castles, and dozens of idyllic medieval villages.


This northern region is chock full of rugged coastlines and sheltered beaches. It sure doesn’t feel like the rest of Spain, but it’s definitely worth a visit! Nature is the main focus here, so get ready for hiking, fishing, and laying out on the beach. Don’t miss out on the fresh local cider while you’re there!

Balearic Islands

This popular region includes Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera. The archipelago located off of eastern Spain is famous for its scenic coastlines, plentiful sunshine, and world-class clubs. Each of the four islands offers a wildly different experience than the last, so whether you’re looking for a wild party or a secluded getaway, the islands have exactly what you need.

Castilla y Leon

Spain’s largest region, Castilla y Leon is surrounded by mountains and is on a massive, elevated plain. This area offers spectacular mountain views, a rich culture and history to explore, and an unbeatable food scene.


The region where you will find the city of Barcelona, you will also find beach getaways such as Costa Dorada and Costa Brava where you can spend a perfect afternoon in the sun if you want to switch things up after exploring the city.


This region in southwest Spain is called one of tourism’s best-kept secrets. Extremadura boasts historic towns, mountains, lakes, and forests, not to mention the ancient walled city of Plasencia, or the Roman city of Merida you can explore while you’re in the area!


Located on the northwest coast of Spain, above Portugal, Galicia is lush and mountainous with a temperate climate. It is an outpost of Celtic history and has incredible Roman ruins as well as unbeatable seafood.

La Rioja

Spanish wine is mighty fine! Explore the country’s lush wine region at La Rioja, boasting over 500 wineries among its vast area. While locals know about the beauty and appeal of this famous wine-producing region, it is still left undiscovered by most tourists – a perfect destination to escape the crowds.


This list wouldn’t be complete without a callout to the capital, but it’s also a single-province region! Elegant boulevards, historic plazas, and world-famous museums, and there’s no forgetting the famous culinary staple sure to cure your hunger: Jamon Iberico, Madrid’s famous cured meat.


Sitting in the southeast of Spain, visitors flock to the sun-kissed beaches of Murcia all year long. This area is great for golfing, bicycling, walking, and all kinds of outdoor activities, not to mention the regions world-famous diving!


This picturesque region is best known for the Running of Bulls festival which takes places each July, but the single province region has more to offer than that! Much of northern Navarra features hills and mountains which is frequented by visitors headed into the mountains of the Navarran Pyrenees. South of Pamploma, you will find plains, vineyards, and olive groves.


Renowned for its rich culture and Spain’s national dish, paella, Valencia is located on the Mediterranean coast. The region boasts a long history and a thriving nightlife, so visits to the area are never lacking in things to see or do.


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