As soon as you arrive in Bangkok, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most sought-after cities for travelers. This exciting cultural hub is a buzzing bubble of colorful streets filled with sizzling street food and towering temples.

Bangkok can be so lively, however, that its fast-paced vibe can feel a bit overwhelming, or even intimidating. Most people who feel this way, however, fail to plan ahead. As long as you land prepared, we promise that your trip will be a happy one. After all, Bangkok is the capital of the “Land of Smiles.” Follow this helpful guide to take on Bangkok like a pro.

Bangkok may be Thailand’s most famous city, but if you’re looking for breathtaking mountains, lush rice fields, and experiences in the wild, you’ll want to head north. Here are 10 amazing activities to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s northern capital.

The Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, & Wat Pho

Once the official residence of the Kings of Siam (1782 to 1925), this impressive palace complex is drenched in history. Within this labyrinth of culture and beauty, you’ll also find the Temple of the Emerlad Buddha and Wat Pho. When visiting the site, all three temples are usually included in the same entrance ticket. Dating back to the 14th century, these ornate buildings boast striking colors, awe-inspiring architecture, and shiny gold exteriors. Heh-lo Instagram.

Currency: Thai Baht

Religion: 95% Buddist 5% Muslim

Best Time to Visit: While Bangkok is always bustling, the months between November and February are ideal for visiting. March is when Bangkok becomes uncomfortably hot, and September and October make up monsoon season.

Language: Thai, however, English is taught in schools and many people in Bangkok speak some English.

Encounter Asian elephants

Bathe, feed, and roll around in mud with amazing Asian elephants. Choose an ethically responsible park and spend your day around these amazing beasts. Bring a banana or two if you really want to make fast friends.

Take a cooking class

Chiang Mai is one of the best destinations in Thailand for a cooking class. Most schools will offer the choice of making a 5 or 7-course meal; learn to make Pad Thai, Tom Yum, and end on a sweet note with some coconut sticky rice with mango!

Up and at ‘em!

Forget sleeping in – you’ll thank yourself for rolling out of bed in the dark so you can watch the sun rise over Promthep Cape. One of Phuket’s major attractions, you’ll want to hit this one early. Enjoy a serene moment to watch the peek over the horizon before the tour buses arrive. If you’re an active traveler, take the fisherman’s trail down to the peninsula. The climb back can be a challenge, but what better way to work up an appetite for breakfast? On the way to your second stop, consider a detour to snap a few photos of Big Buddha and the incredible views from the hillside – your Instagram followers will thank you.

The Grand Palace

Heritage Tour

Discover Thailand

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