9 Reasons to Hire a Professional Genealogist

If in your family tree research you come across any of the following 8 commonly encountered situations, you may wonder why hire a professional genealogist to help you sort things out? Here are the top 8 reasons:

Hire A Professional Genealogy Company

 You've Hit Brick Wall in Your Genealogical Research

1. You’ve Hit Brick Wall in Your Genealogical Research

You have hit a “brick wall” in your family history research. A brick wall is a dead end. No matter what you have done, you are stuck. That wall may be anything from elusive records to a missing obituary.

Sure, there are many great genealogy websites on the internet,  but sometimes you hit the brick wall regardless.

Any time you come to a problem that you just can’t seem to break through, hire a professional genealogist to help. It’s often that a genealogist will have more access to records and will be able to find the answer.

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Inaccessible Genealogy Archives

2. Inaccessible Genealogy Archives

Part of your family history research depends on distant archives that are not accessible to you. A professional genealogist has keys to unlock doors that not everyone can access, such as how to find your birth parents without their names.

So, if you find yourself unable to access records that may just unlock the next phase of your family history research, hire a professional genealogist. 

Foreign Language Barriers to Research

3. Foreign Language Barriers to Research

There are cases when fluency in a foreign language or knowledge of another culture is necessary to figure out some of your family history clues.

Origins has researchers around the globe who are fluent in the language of their research. Here is where a professional genealogist can really help you get the information you need. Most people who are searching often run into this problem as their family immigrated from a foreign country.

4. Lineage Societies Requirements

Does part of your research require you to join an ancestral membership organization? One example is the Sons of the American Revolution.

Joining an ancestral organization like this needs the help of a genealogist to gather documents so that you can apply to the lineage society of your choice. This is because these societies require proof of your heritage along with other documentation. Hire a professional genealogist to save time and money as they are familiar with the process.

Family DNA Mysteries

5. Family DNA Mysteries

Family mysteries have a way of popping up during a family history search or after DNA testing. And many times, they are hard to solve on your own.

 Using the science of genetic genealogy, a professional researcher can untangle these surprises and help you put DNA questions to rest.

Missing Genealogy Puzzle Piece

6. Missing Genealogy Puzzle Piece

Sometimes, you may have all the necessary pieces of a family history puzzle, but no way to know how they actually fit together.

That is where the years of experience help. Hire a professional genealogist to look over the pieces and put them together for you.

7. Lost in the Genealogical Maze

Genealogy can be overwhelming. If you have the desire to research family history but no knowledge about where to start, there’s no shame in that. A genealogist is the perfect person to teach you!

Limited Time for Genealogical Research

8. Limited Time for Genealogical Research

Most people are busy. Time is a big problem for some of us who like to do family history research—it takes a lot of time and you may not have it to spare. If time is an issue for you, consider hiring a professional who has the time to help you.

9. DNA Testing and Analysis

In the last decade, DNA has become a bigger factor in genealogy. DNA testing is now available to the public. It’s a simple test and the results provide clues to a genetic genealogist.

These clues are how we can solve mysteries such as positively identifying birth parents and biological siblings.

If you have already taken a genealogical DNA test, but do not understand what the results mean, especially if it has surprising DNA matches other than your own expectation, Origins in a great place to seek help. If you haven’t taken a test, we can provide one for you. Our genetic genealogists can help you set up an account, analyze your DNA, and determine what options exist and how to best approach them.

Many reasons to hire a professional genealogy service

You may relate to several of the 9 reasons to hire a professional genealogist listed above.

Or, you may relate to none of them. Either way, there are many other reasons to hire a professional genealogist.

For example, maybe you’d like to have a fresh pair of eyes look over what you’ve done to make sure everything is right; that’s a great reason to hire a genealogist.

A professional genealogist can also act as a liaison. For example, after finding your biological mother, a professional genealogist can contact her on your behalf for a possible reunion.

Feeling secure about the research you’ve done is important, and a professional genealogist is always happy to look everything over and keep you moving forward in the search for your family history origins. There are many advantages in knowing your family history.

The World’s Premier Professional Genealogy Company

You can feel secure with your decision to hire a professional genealogist from Origins Genealogy based on our credentials:

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  • Origins has researchers all around the world who can obtain records and documents.
  • Our genealogists are accredited, have degrees, and also have years of experience. They take pride in your family history and use the genealogy proof standard.

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Liaison For Adoptee and Birth Family

As an adoptee, it is not always easy to reach out to your birth parent. It can be quite a shock for those receiving the call. After Origins has identified who the birth parents/family are, we can make the initial contact for you. As a neutral party, we can smooth the way for the first contact by crafting introduction letters, gathering photos to send, providing the research, and answering questions to assure the information is accurate. This provides a comfortable and safe environment for all parties that generally leads to a much smoother transition to getting to know each other.

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