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There’s no place like home. Now that you know your heritage, why not go home for a visit?

Origins offers both heritage tours for those who enjoy a planned itinerary and personalized ancestral tours for those who want a more custom trip.

Heritage Tours

Travel to your ancestors’ homeland with a heritage tour.  Prearranged itineraries make this trip relaxing so you can focus on learning more about your origins. We’ve done the work to make this a trip of a lifetime.

Take your family for an unforgettable journey back in time to get an appreciation of what life was like for your ancestors. We offer travel to just about any place you can imagine. Click on the area you would like to go and learn more about must-see places and tour schedules.

Personalized Ancestral Tours
US $525 ($105/hr)

Origins Genealogy researchers will provide custom and personalized travel ideas for your ancestral hometown. Let us help you visit such places as homes, churches, and other significant areas of your ancestors.

Imagine walking where your ancestors walked, touching the walls of homes where they lived, visiting buildings they built, or standing in places they were married. With Origins, your family story is no longer a thing of the past. Digital results in 2-3 weeks.

Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland
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